The toys...

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The first is a family pic... my son's PW50, my wife's TTR125, and my '97 YZ250... all Yamaha, of course. :)  The rest are my '97 YZ250. At the time it was the last year for CA green sticker/year 'round woods riding. Now 2002 is the last year for 2 strokes to get green stickers. It has quite a few mods... Twin Air Filter, V-Force Reeds, FMF Fatty Pipe, Turbine Core 2 S/A, Fineline Suspension, Pro Taper Bars, Emig Triple Clamps, ProMotoBillet kickstand, AC Racing Aluminum Subframe, Works Connection Skid Plate, Clarke 3.1 gal. tank, Acerbris plastics (all newer YZ blue, '01 style fender & # plate), '01 OEM graphics & two tone One Industries gripper seat cover. Below are some more shots... I took these right after putting all the new plastic on... I wanted to get some shots of it before I scratched it all up. :)

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Below are a couple action shots of me on my old bikes. The first one is an '81 RM125, and the second is an '85 CR250. If you look real close you can see my '85 Toyota 4x4 in the right corner of the RM125 shot.

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Below are before and after shots of my other blue toy(ota). This was my first of two blue Toyota 4x4 pickups... it's an '81 that I bought brand new... the after shot is two weeks after it was paid off. I then got a brand new '85, the one in the pic above. I also had a '94 4Runner for a few years... it was white, but it did have blue stripes. :)

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